It Starts . . . And May Never End

Welcome to Homebound and Unwound. My name is Karli and here is where I will chronicle my journeys through crochet and knitting projects. I am not a professional yarn crafter by any means, but I find the fun of crafting in learning, experimenting, and sharing. I hope that is where this blog will find you as I share the successes or lack thereof throughout my projects. I hope that we can share, laugh, and learn together.
Now, an introduction to my latest project . . . The Monster as I lovingly refer to it. This project started with a picture on Facebook that my sister in law shared. She is a huge Harry Potter fan and shared a picture she found of a giant blanket someone had crocheted, and she suggested someone should make it for her as she has no interest in yarn crafts whatsoever. Believe me I’ve tried to indoctrinate her. So, naturally I started scouring through patterns and found zilch, then I toyed with the idea of creating my own pattern and stumbled across something called corner-2-corner crochet or C2C. I found a wonderful tutorial at, and you can find it here. I also found a website here where you can create your own patterns for all kinds of yarn crafts. I used it for specifically for the project to turn images into C2C patterns.
With a rough idea of how to make a pattern I decided to dive right in which turned out to be a minor disaster. Being completely new to C2C I had no idea how big the grid for my patterns should be, but my sister in law had only two requirements. It had to be Harry Potter themed and it had to be BIG. I decided to make the blanket out of pieces that would equal a grid 400×500, and after getting about 15 rows into the first piece I realized this blanket wouldn’t be big it would be enormous. So I thought about half that size would be more manageable. Yes, I plan for this finished project to be a grid of 200×250, it will still be enormous.

This is the first piece I completed on The Monster. There is a dollar in the picture to show scale.

In the beginning I was also so naive I assumed I could make this blanket with the leftovers from my other projects. It quickly became clear that I would need to purchase some yarn, a lot of yarn. Ultimately, I chose to use Caron One Pound yarn. I love their Simply Soft line of yarn, but decided it would be too expensive for a project this size. I am using the colors Aqua, Black, Claret, Deep Violet, Grass Green, Kelly Green, Grey, Royalty, White, and Sunflower. I’m also using Red Heart Super Saver in Gold, Caron Simply Soft in Bone, and Yarn Bee Gilt Eyelash in Sunspark. If it seems odd that all these yarns are not the same weight that is because I wanted to create different textures or highlights in certain areas of the project.
If you’ve crafted for any amount of time I’m sure you can guess what kind of problems I’ve run into with The Monster. I had to overcome somewhat of a mental block while working the pieces. I started out cutting the yarn every time there was a color change. Of course, I had seen all kinds of methods for organizing bobbins, but for some reason I thought I would just be better off not dealing with any of that. I was even so stubborn to believe it was better to weave in all those end than to take some time winding and organizing bobbins as I went. At some point I figured out that by not using bobbins parts of the blankets integrity would be compromised.

This is an insane amount of bobbins.

Probably the biggest problem I’ve had throughout the project is the size and time it has taken already. I started on this project nearly a year ago. Literally, my notes showed I started on January 20th, 2017. To date I’ve finished 4 of the 10 pieces. Including the largest piece which is a grid 200×100.

This is the largest piece of The Monster, and it barely fit on my living room floor. There is a DVD case on this piece to show scale.

Currently, I’m working on the center piece that is a grid 100×100. It’s difficult to see in this picture, but there is a slightly less black stripe through this piece. This is because I did not order the yarn in the same dye lot. Caron claims dye lots do not apply to their yarn, do not be fooled. For now I am just calling this little mishap The Room of Requirement.

About one quarter of the Crest completed.

It is a small comfort knowing all the remaining pieces are smaller than the ones I’ve completed. Speaking of size, it’s a bit nerve racking not knowing exactly how large the finished blanket will be. My best guess is 12 feet x 15 feet. Yes, feet! I often worry about how I will get The Monster to my sister in law as we currently live on opposite sides of the country, and if she ever does get it how in the world will she wash it? Will it be practical for her to even use the blanket since it will be larger than her bed? Maybe it would be better suited hanging on a wall? Despite all the problems that have plagued me during this project and all those I will run into in the future I know the finished Monster will be loved, and that is really why I enjoy creating things so much. Yes, I enjoy actually working the projects, but it is so much more rewarding when I can see someone enjoying something I’ve created.

Another square for The Monster. Platform 9 3/4.

Goblet of Fire square.

Resuming progress on The Monster has been exciting, confusing, challenging, and frustrating all at once. It’s actually been about six months since I last worked on The Monster. I took some time off to move, and then I had a baby. Starting back up again it was difficult to sort out where I had left off and get reorganized. Once I had gotten organized I remembered how insane the piece I’m working on is. It’s the Hogwarts Crest, and there are so many color changes and bobbins. It seems to be the unwritten crocheters law to run out of yarn with one square left. If only I had wound an inch or two more onto that bobbin I could have finished the row. I’ve stopped becoming excited every time I get to cut off a bobbin because as soon as I do another one is needed. Often I’ve thought if The Monster really was magical like Harry Potter it would crochet itself, or at least refill the bobbins. Over the past week I’ve completed rows 103-118 on the Hogwarts Crest, and even though I am past the halfway point of this piece the light at the end of the tunnel is still very faint.

Just over halfway done with the Hogwarts Crest.

People have told me The Monster is impossible, insane, and impractical. Maybe it is, but it will be worth all the troubles when The Monster is finished. I hope you will join me in this journey and enjoy it as much as I will.

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