No More Color Changes

Wow, this has been a productive week! I’ve finished rows 118-149! There are now no more color changes in the pattern, but I get somewhat melancholy at this stage of a project. Adding new colors to a project is thrilling, and dealing with more color bobbins is frustrating. Cutting off bobbins is exciting, and it means my dog will no longer get tangled in the stray yarn. No one escapes The Monster. Watching the pattern come to life emotes a sense of accomplishment, but knowing the piece is coming to an end is a bit sad. Getting to this stage in The Monster seems to have taken forever, mostly because of the six month break I took from the project, but I’ve been so eager to finish I’ve been making mistakes.

The Hogwarts Crest. Nearly completed.


As yarn crafters we all have our bag of tricks to hide or fix the little mistakes we sometimes make in a project. Mostly, I was so hurried to be done with the color changes I miscounted how many squares of a color there were in the row. I’m proud to say though this past week I’ve been a good girl and ripped out stitches to fix them. It’s not technically a mistake, but using the technique of carrying yarn through the next square of a different color sometimes leaves a bit of contrasting color showing. This little trick is handy for leaving less ends to weave in, and you can decide weather it’s worth needing to try and clean up the bit of yarn that show through. Usually, I determine what I will do on a case by case basis depending on how easily I can go back and hide the yarn, or if cutting the yarn will compromise the integrity of the piece.

You can see what I’m talking about here with the black yarn showing through.

I’ve especially enjoyed working on the Hogwarts Crest because I could see how the textural differences really brought the piece to life. I chose yarn with three different weights for this reason. My favorite was the super bulky metallic gold. Even though it was much harder to work with than the others. As I get closer to finishing this piece I wonder if I will ever get all of the dog hair out. Any suggestions?

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