Fluffy Ribbed Effect Blanket

It’s time for more baby blankets here at Homebound and Unwound! With as many pregnant ladies I know I will likely be making baby blankets all year long. The momma-to-be is due early April, and she is expecting a girl. So much like the Gender Surprise Blanket I needed a simple pattern that would work up quickly. Thus, I give you the Fluffy Ribbed Effect Blanket.
For this baby blanket I used Loops and Threads Barcelona in the color Peony, and I used a J sized hook. The pattern is exceedingly simple working single crochet in the back loops only. Which is what gives this darling blanket the “ribbed effect”, and for the boarder I decided to go with one round of single crochet, and one round on reverse single crochet. The yarn I used for this project is considered a 5 weight, or bulky, but I would consider it a thin bulky. It’s bulkier than a 4 weight, but less bulky than something like a thick and quick yarn. The color of this yarn is a mix pink shades ranging from very light pink, to very bright pink, to a subtle mauve pink, with white accents throughout. I personally am not a fan of pink, but I was so excited about this yarn mostly because there were no color changes. Meaning, very few ends to weave in. The best part if you ask me.
I also wanted to make a hat to go with this blanket, and found a great free pattern from Traverse Bay Crochet. While making the hat I had a little bit of trouble with the front post double crochet stitches. My first attempt at the hat it hat a huge brim on it, but I was able to reach out to Laura at Traverse Bay Crochet who was so very helpful. It turns out I was putting the front post double crochet stitch into the same stitch I had just put a double crochet in. So with Laura’s help I got it right, and I liked the pattern so much I made a second hat for my daughter. You can find Laura’s free pattern here.

Fluffy Ribbed Effect Blanket

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Bulky Weight 5 Yarn, 2 – 7 Oz Skeins, more if you plan on making the hat
  • Crochet Hook Size J
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Scissors

Stitch Abbreviations:

CH – Chain
SC BLO – Single Crochet Back Loop Only
R SC – Reverse Single Crochet

The Pattern:

CH 90

Row 1:

SC BLO across. CH 1, turn.

Row 2-94:

Repeat row 1.

For The Boarder:

When you get to the end of row 94 you can either fasten off your yarn, or do what I did and just continue with a SC all the way around your blanket. Make sure you put 1 CH in each corner.

Round 2:
Work the opposite direction (left to right), making one round of R SC. Fasten off yarn.

Weave in the ends and you’re done!

Beautiful Shells Blanket

Check out this Beautiful Shells Blanket I’ve started for the next bundle of joy on my list! The free pattern is available here on Ravelry, and there are lots of pictures showing how you can play with the colors to make it your own.

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