The Dark Mark Continues . . . Slowly

The Dark Mark continues this week as the next piece of The Monster inches along. Over the past week I toiled through rows 34-57. Somehwere around row 53 I realized I had skipped over a square in the previous row. I faced three choices, rip out the work I had done in order to get back to the mistake and fix it, crochet an extra square where it should’t be, or continue on and try and fix the hole it would leave later. At first, I opted to continue and try to hide the hole later. Then I read a blog post from Daisy Farm Crafts on 3 Things That Helped Me Become a Better Crocheter. If you read this post (which I highly recommend, especially for beginning crocheters) the advice Tiffany gives in this post may seem overly obvious, but I found her post profound in it’s simplicity.
In the 5 minutes it took to read her post I went from brimming with excitement about finishing The Dark Mark to fervently ripping out the 6 rows I had crocheted after noticing the mistake. Then I cut all the yarn from the piece, and set about untangling all the yarn I had just unraveled. Finally, I fixed the mistake and began crocheting again. While I was untangling yarn, and wanting to rip my hair out for being so lazy to begin with, I realized ripping out one row would’ve been a lot easier than ripping out six. Now, it feels so much better knowing the blanket is closer to perfect, and the bobbins are much cleaner now that the yarn is wound on the dowels.

My Piece About Blogging, The Human Condition, And Life In General


As a blogger, and a new one at that, I read a lot. I read articles, and other blogs, I pour over crochet patterns. I probably spend way more time reading than I should. Even if you’re not a blogger, how many times have you seen a pin on Pinterest or a headline on Facebook that looked something like this “10 ways to (insert achievement here). Every time I see one of these I think “What’s the secret?” Or “What am I missing?”. First, I’d just like to say I despise click bait and hidden sales pitches. Yes, I know that’s what makes the internet go round, but I hate to click on something that says “How I. . . .” Just to see “Buy my ebook, or sign up for my newsletter”. If, you say it’s free, then don’t ask me to sign up for something or buy anything. Now, I’ll get off my soapbox and back to Tiffany’s 3 Things That Helped Me Become a Better Crocheter. After reading this I thought Tiffany’s advice seemed too simple. Basically, just crochet everyday, share it, and fix your mistakes whenever possible . . . Bam become a better crocheter. What I realized later was that instant gratification is the human condition.
I believe personal indulgence is an innate desire, and one that is not completely detrimental to personal growth. Yes, some people can seek out instant gratification to a toxic level. However, I’m slowly coming to the realization that in almost any endeavor, and life in general, there are no secrets. There is not one thing you are simply missing that is keeping you from reaching your goals. The big reveal, that is actually staring everyone in the face, is just work harder. Or in the words of the great and wise Yoda “Do or do not. There is no try.” So it’s with this revelation in mind that I will continue with everything. Continue working on and perfecting The Monster, continue growing this blog, and continue striving for success in life in general.

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