About Me

My name is Karli Pingleton. I currently live in central California with my husband Dave and two young children. My family and I have recently moved back to the area from Illinois. The nature of Dave’s profession allows us to move and explore different regions. I’m overjoyed to back as this is where I grew up. As a young girl almost nothing excited me more than visiting my grandparents in Northern California. It was quite enchanting staying in their log cabin, exploring the forested landscape, playing in the snow, and especially digging through my grandmothers collection of crochet and knitting supplies.
Being only a small child my grandmother taught me a simple knit stitch. I was immediately fascinated with the craft. How amazing that someone could take a piece of yarn and two simple tools to create so many different wonderful items. Scarves and sweaters, hats, stuffed animals, and afghans, and although my skills were limited and quite rudimentary I knew one thing – I wanted to explore more of the world of yarn crafting.
Unfortunately, my grandmother passed away before she could teach me much more than a simple knit stitch. Still interested in learning more about knitting, but growing up in a time when the internet was in its infancy I felt my resources were limited. I would pick up the needles from time to time, but all of my projects consisted of pieces as simple as a scarf or blanket. Most of them went unfinished or unused. So I took quite a long break from yarn crafting. During this time I attended culinary school, and married my best friend in 2012. It was not until 2014 when my son was born that I would once again begin to explore knitting.
With a limitless resource of knowledge at my fingertips I began learning all I could. I started with a book on knit baby blankets, but wanted more information on technique and visual explanations. My favorite YouTube channel for anything knit or crochet tutorial related is New Stitch A Day, and Planet June has very clear videos for Amigurumi. You can read more about my adventures in knitting on my knitting page. Eventually, I tried my hand at crochet and found an entirely new side of yarn crafting to explore.
At the core I am most drawn to simply creating, and it doesn’t really matter what it is. Creating is soul therapy for me and the results are something I can share and leave behind to be cherished reminders, comforting morsels, or inspirations for others. So weather I’m crocheting an afghan, knitting a hat, or preparing a meal it’s something I can share with friends, family and now the world. I hope you will find the same excitement and comfort exploring these crafts with me, and I hope to see the crafts and projects that inspire you.