My start in crochet was not unlike my start in knitting, read more about my knitting journey here. At a very young age I learned the very basics, chain and single crochet stitch, from an elderly woman down the street. I was eager to learn, but all of my practice pieces turned into triangles. Because I was unintentionally skipping stitches. For a long time, I decided I was solely a knitter and wanted nothing to do with crochet. I even felt there was an unspoken divide in the yarn crafting community. You must either be a crocheter or a knitter, and there was no in between. After I learned more about knitting I thought “Hey, this crochet thing can’t be so hard!”. I also realized making much larger blankets or projects becomes rather difficult with knitting.
So here you will find my collection of crochet projects. Most of these projects are not original, and I will link back to the source whenever necessary. I hope you enjoy these projects as much as I have, and feel free to share your own.