I love knitting. I love it so much that all the yarn, needles, and blankets I’ve made drives my husband Dave crazy. “When will we ever need this many blankets?” Or “Why do you need more yarn?” He might say, and I just smile and say “Because it makes me happy.” Really learning to knit came later in life for me. I found a book on knit baby blankets and YouTube incredibly helpful. My go to reference for knitting tutorial videos is New Stitch a Day. After my son was born in 2014 I tried nearly every pattern in my knitting book. I was knitting baby blankets until my son was well into toddler-hood. To confess my son has never actually used any of the blankets I’ve knit for him. When he was born I had a terrible fear that giving him any kind of plush blanket might suffocate him while he slept. I actually didn’t give him a blanket to sleep with until he was two, and by then my “little” baby boy was over 30 pounds and much too big for a babies blanket. Still, I continue knitting blankets and other projects for my family and friends. So, I hope you enjoy the projects posted here, and feel free to share your own.