As you’ve heard me say before creation is at the core of my soul. It is no different with cooking. Weather I’m making a simple weeknight meal, a special dessert, or an extravagant holiday feast. Cooking is both a source of soul therapy and joy for me, but as a teenager I never thought of it as more than a hobby. During my High School years I dreamed of becoming a large animal veterinarian. After graduation I slowly started down that path.
While attending a local community college I became disenchanted with the whole process of veterinary school. I began thinking, first I would need to be accepted to a university, study for a total of eight years, then specialize for another two years in large animal medicine. After which, I would be carrying a $100,000+ student loan and I would basically be in business for myself before earning a job at an animal hospital. In the veterinary realm that means you are self funded. Ready to put that fancy vets truck on your credit card? It also means you are on call 24/7, and making next to nothing compared to your debt. I thought if someone was going to commit to all that schooling, and debt they would be better off becoming a brain surgeon and making 10x as much money.
However, I was not just looking for the most lucrative career. So I did some soul searching. I decided to pursue something creative, and cooking was a very attractive option. Culinary school also gave me the option of attending community college as opposed to a four year school. Let me be frank. Culinary school was no piece of cake. It was a lot of hard work, and it was nothing like your High School Home Ec class. But I was learning to utilize another outlet for my creative side, and when I was finished with culinary school in 2012 I had learned a ton about food, cooking, and the hospitality industry. The level of hard work I’d become accustomed to in school has absolutely translated in the work place. I’ve been passionately acquainted with early mornings, late nights, heavy lifting, and delicate piping work. I’ve acclimated to blazing kitchens, frost bitten freezers, screaming matches, and comrades who can laugh for no reason at all. And I have loved every minute of it.
So here you will find my collection of trusted recipes. All of these recipes I have tried and tested. Some of them are original, but when necessary I will link you to the original source. I’m a huge fan of tweaking recipes to make them your own, and encourage you to do the same with these recipes. That is the fun of cooking!